Tuesday, February 16, 2010


One may never guess about the person who these items belong to unless you are an investigator. Without you having to invest much thought I can tell you about my friend who's shelf these items sit upon and it may all make more sense. After a successful studio session I stopped by Edward's apartment for a short visit. I captured several interesting images but this mixture of collectibles I found to be the most interesting and the best to share. Ed and I grew up together attending Catholic school while he was part of A.Y.S.O. He used to tell me it stood for Arabian yogurt suckers organization. After graduating high school, this soccer playing alter boy joined the Navy as a corpsman. With just that being said it should bring light to why someone would display such a mish mosh of items with pride.

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  1. Jesus Mary and Joseph...I am glad Mary was manning Light House tonight. She helped the magic trick make it home.